Not Guilty For Fatally Shooting A Mexican Citizen

Ruben Garcia Villalpando Victim of police brutality - father of four

Ruben Garcia Villalpando
Victim of police brutality, father of four

Clark “acted professionally and within law enforcement best practices”. This is how the Grapevine Police statement starts regarding the unnecessary shooting of Ruben Garcia Villalpando. Being a married individual and a father of four, the Mexican was shot twice in the chest, on the side of a highway by police officer Robert Clark who has been in the force for less than a year.

The shooting occurred in February following a brief car chase. The prosecutors released a police dash cam video of the incident, which clearly shows Garcia raising his hands above his head as he walked towards the police officer who repeatedly asked him to get on the ground. It’s important to mention that the autopsy report showed that the Mexican was intoxicated at the time.

Although the video showed that Villalpando was clearly standing still with his hands in the air, Clark, the police officer states that he was reaching for something. In the video released by the District Attorney’s Office of Tarrant County, Clark can be heard shouting profanities at Villalpando. Needless to say that his death triggered protests, calling for the police officer to face prosecution for what they say it’s a racially motivated shooting. Also, demonstrators linked the Mexican citizen’s death with similar police killings of unarmed black men in Missouri, New York and Ferguson.

Full Dash Cam Video

The family of Ruben Garcia Villalpando seeks a federal investigation of the shooting and of course plans to file a wrongful death lawsuit against Clark and the Grapevine Police Department. “We are very disappointed”, said Villalpando’s brother in law Fernando Romero. A protest is scheduled for Monday night in Grapevine.

Officer Goes Back To Work

The grand jury responsible for the case, has heard from 13 witnesses, including Clark so far. The grand jurors have complete access to all of the evidence regarding this case which means, access to cell phone videos as well as the dash cam video from Clark’s vehicle. We know this from lead prosecutor Larry Moore, who was responsible for the state’s presentation.


Eddie Salame Grapevine Police Chief

Although The Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs has condemned the shooting of Villalpando, police officer Clark has been placed on leave following the incident but has returned to active duty, working in a desk job.

As a last statement, the Grapevine Police Chief Eddie Salame added: “This is not the first time someone’s judgment impaired by alcohol has created a situation that led to their death.

So apparently it was Garcia’s fault for drinking alcohol. Let’s disregard once again trigger happy police officers. Someone give this guy a raise for fatally shooting an unarmed human being!

How To Deal With The Police

Police brutality has made the recent headlines everywhere. There are some things that can get you in trouble when dealing with them even although you are completely innocent.

1. Make sure you keep your hands in clear view at all times.

2. Refrain from making any sudden movements.

3. Avoid passing behind them.
Nervous police are dangerous police.

4. Don’t touch the police officer or his equipment.
You are exposing yourself to an assault charge. Keep in mind that the police can only make recommendations regarding your charges, but they can NOT decide. That’s the prosecutor’s job.

5. Questioning
Most of the time, interrogation takes place in the form of a simple conversation. Aside from identification questions such as your name and address, respectfully use this line “I am going to remain silent. I want to see a lawyer”.

This invokes the rights which protect you from interrogation. When you say this, the police (and all other law enforcement officials) are legally required to stop asking you questions. They probably won’t stop, so just repeat the magic words or remain silent until they catch on.